Antonino è un mulese nel cuore e nella mente.

In Capri, mulesi are defined as those who belong, not only by birth, to the Marina di Mulo or the Little Marina of Capri. The toponym Mulo derives from the pier that stood in that Marina to the south of the island where Roman ships docked in the Augustan-Tiberian period. An enchanted place that the ancient watchtower for Saracen raids (now the church of S. Andrea) still divides into three distinct localities that the people of Capri call Mulo in the centre, Pennaulo on the left and Confalone on the right. Antonino is the last descendant of the Albanese family, who, as Giorgio Weber recalls in his memoirs, together with the Desiderio family were the first to reside all year round at the Piccola Marina at the end of the nineteenth century.

At the beginning of the century Ciro di Mulo built the first cabins on that beach where painters, writers and poets sought their sirenical ideal. In 1930 Salvatore Albanese welcomed royal families and old European nobility on that lido and in his inn by the sea, who created the myth of the summer, marine and sunny Capri. In the 1970s, his sons Aldo and Ciro, with all their families, by uniting the Ciro restaurant with the Bagni da Maria, created a single bathing complex, referred to as Bagni Internazionali.

Almost by magic, that beach where at the end of the 19th century only the few soldiers of the penal colony bathed had been transformed into one of the most glamorous beaches of the Capri summer.

Since 2014, Antonino has been at the helm of the Bagni Internazionali – Bagni da Maria whose colored cabins recall the shades of the flora and sea of Capri and of the “Ciro a mare” restaurant

“I am proud to continue this ancient family business that has contributed to creating the myth of Marina Piccola – Antonino confesses with emotion- Only by knowing one’s roots, not betraying one’s history, can one plan the future, creating a modern company” .

“Innovating within tradition” also seems to be the philosophy of chef Lorenzo Gargiulo who offers ancient recipes from the kitchens of Capri in his rich menus. The treasures of the countryside and the sea of Capri are always present on the tables of the da Ciro restaurant. On the terraces of the Bagni di Maria, lighter and more dietetic foods are served: crostone in its various types (a tasty large fresella) is the most requested.

“Marina Piccola has a magic about her – continues Antonino – that not everyone is able to perceive. You can only enjoy the colors of the Solaro mountain, the scents of the sea, in the early hours of the morning, when the sun is gentle and silently kisses your skin and there are few bathers on the beach. Unfortunately, everyone goes down to the sea too late and does not experience this exciting beauty”.

But when you enter the International Baths there is a poetic mirror that welcomes you.

It is a magical mirror that reflects you between the colored deck chairs and the Faraglioni.

The photographer Luigi Ghirri sensed the magic of this mirror and immortalized it in an iconic photograph: your image reflects your joie de vivre, of enjoying a beautiful day by the sea of Capri.

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